Losing weight

We all know that losing weight can be a serious pain. It’s not easy and lets face it – it’s not meant to be.

When we talk about “losing weight”, we’re not really talking about the right thing. We don’t necessarily want to “lose weight”, we want to lose body fat. Body By Vi is an excellent challenge that not only tries to help you achieve your goals, it helps you change your lifestyle. I’m not exactly a massive fan of liquid meal replacements – but this is excellent in between meals to get your metabolism going at 100% all day long.

What happens when your metabolism is going at full power all day long? You get results. Your body becomes an efficient machine and that’s why Visalus is an excellent product. If you train and combine a new nutrition program together – you will get your results and you will get them fast.

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Why you should learn martial arts

Anyone and everyone can benefit from enjoying a martialarts program. Martial arts including budo, karate, Muay Thai and Ju Jitsu are great for adults and children, and they are particularly attractive improving physical, mental and emotional health. Many parents are finding martial arts to be the ideal program for children who require exercise, social interaction along with other kids and confidence building exercises.

There is no doubt doing regular workouts at gym does result in great benefits the long run. However, in relation to better results, attending a martial art program can provide far better results than a gym. It not only gets rid of one’s excess weight but in addition works well for developing self-confidence. Calmness obtained both physically and spiritually is surely an benefit. For many, attending these martial art training classes acts a fantastic stress-buster.

I started with Karate when I was a little kid because my mother is a 2nd degree black belt. When I saw Enter the Dragon with Bruce Lee I went crazy and started seeking Kung-Fu and other Chinese styles. As a kid the thing is that him and think since he or she is Chinese you think he does Kung-Fu, but over time you understand he was totally doing his very own stuff. That is why when I was obviously a kid I started doing several types of Kung-Fu like Wing-Chun and then switched it into Tae Kwon Do because I had a fantastic ability to do the kicking. I didn’t want just a single style so I started trying different stuff and when I gone after Mexico I started training in kickboxing, budo along with the acrobatics like Extreme fighting techinques. When I reached LA I started reading books about high end training in different sports to get started on deciding on my future training. I started performing a program just like a pro-athlete to the fighting techinques. So now I don’t put myself in a specific style, I just train and improve my ability just as much as I can.

This blog will document every style I love and am passionate about. Stay turned.

The Art of Budo

Welcome to The Art of Budo

Here in the Art of Budo, we will be teaching you everything we know about martial arts, fitness and training. We have fitness tips, nutritional advice and so much more on its way for you. We’re in our infancy now, but we have a lot to come and a lot to teach you.

Welcome everybody, to the Art of Budo.